How Much Does An MLS Player Get Paid Compared To A British Premier League Player?

How Much Does An MLS Player Get Paid Compared To A British Premier League Player?

Soccer in Britain is big business and is by far the most popular sport there. The British Premier League is one of the most-followed and competitive soccer competitions in the world. It attracts the top players, making multi-millionaires out of all of them. They get paid a lot, but how do their salaries compare with MLS players?

TV money

The Premier League teams have an advantage over basically every other squad thanks to the money invested by TV companies. So much money finds its way into the pockets of Premier League teams, with the team finishing in last place still getting over $130,000,000. Premier League teams are now on average richer than others, so that makes the players richer.

Average Premier League wages

On average, premier league players earn £78,703 ($103,629) per week. That’s a crazy amount of money when you think about it. Pro soccer players in England could buy themselves a Cadillac Escalade every week if they wanted. Over a year, the average Premier League star will earn over $5 million, and that dwarfs most MLS players.

The highest paid players in the Premier League can earn way more than that. Manchester United winger Alexis Sanchez earns £391,000 ($514,837) per week, bagging himself over $26 million each year. By contrast, the highest paid player in MLS is Sebastian Giovinco, who earns $7.1 million annually.

How MLS measures up

Some players get paid handsomely for their efforts on the field, but there must be several players who feel hard done by. Due to the salary cap, some MLS players are stuck earning around $50-70,000 a year while others in the same team get way more.

British Premier League clubs pay $2.14 billion in wages to their players, placing the competition as the fourth highest across all sports. MLS ranks in 12th place, but is some way behind the spending power of the Premier League. The total overall spend by MLS teams on salaries is just $0.26 billion.

What can the players do?

MLS teams are allowed to allocate higher wages to some members of their roster. If American or Canadian players are hoping for a better salary, they need to become a standout star or make a move to another league. Other leagues across the world will reward those players better financially, but it means leaving America, which can be a tough decision for some.

Christian Pulisic left the USA to chase his soccer dream in Europe and after playing for German giants Borussia Dortmund he sealed a lucrative move to Premier League side, Chelsea. If he does well in the UK there’s a chance more English teams will look to buy American players.

MLS players are vastly underpaid in comparison to British Premier League stars, but there are different levels to the sport. Those playing in Britain are among the best in the world, and currently, the soccer community doesn’t believe many American players are at that level.